About the blog

“Relationship MBA pursues to bring together business and relationships in a way that creates true value innovation. If you come to find ideas how to improve your relationship, you will also have the opportunity to meet up with the classic and most recent  business ideas.”

Rainy days enable creativity

Relationship MBA saw the daylight in the dark month of October. Rainy Danish autumn provided an excellent reason to stay indoors. The idea behind the blog originated in a business school, grew in the corporate world and crystallized in everyday life with the most caring spouse I could hope.

The interest of – perhaps a need for – reflecting topic of relationships in writing was probably enforced by my inability to do it orally. I would like to be as good partner as my better half is.

Or maybe I delete the previous sentence: Just a minute after typing it and after spending a few hours illuminated by the laptop screen she’s now kidding about leaving me. I just stared at her mouth half open. She’s about to fly to meet her parents who live 1000 kilometers or 600 miles far. Maybe she only meant that trip.

The content of the blog has been under construction (too) many years. First time I realized that business concepts could help us in our private relationships was in 2007. When I would have had the time to write and read, I had little experience about the two integral parts of our lives.

Learning does not end after MBA

Soon after finishing business school I was literally in a right at the right time, considering my career, not my relationship though. I got an ample opportunity to demonstrate my abilities at work. Long hours for five years didn’t let the drips of my creativity flow. I remember reading a few books while hiding a burning sun of Turkey and writing a few chapters under sweating sun of Sri Lanka.

Finally, after moving to Denmark I have breaken out from daily routines of my home country. I have decided to take action over my dream of developing the idea further. My goal is to compile, edit and write a book out of the writings posted here on rMBA. The vision is to cater humor and knowledge to the people interested in business and pursuing happy life. I’m happy to receive your honest and constructive feedback about the viability of such dream.

To fulfill the dream I need to push my limits in multiple fronts: writing in English (as I’m not a native speaker), staying on top of the newest business concepts to add value to the readers, master the wonders of WordPress and get myself sophisticated with the social media to stay in touch with you – dear reader.

Life is about learning and so is this blog as well as relationships and business. By sharing you will provide an opportunity for a blog long learning to the others too – most importantly to your spouse. Thank you!