About the author

“What do you do?” I ask a random Englishman in the pub. “I reserch artificial intelligence in a local university” he responds. “What does it mean in practice?” I grab on it. “I go to office, sit down and drink a lot of coffee” he grins. “Ah, so we have a same job then!” I conclude and think that he probably lies about the coffee.

What am I not?

We like hiking together with my spouse, but we get to wilderness too rarely.

We like hiking together with my spouse. There’s no better place for reflection than wilderness and nature.

I’m not sure where I learned to often define myself by not being something or somebody? The other day at the office I claimed that I’m not a designer, when talking about a packaging of a product. I definitely can not draw. When you state what you are not, then you can be nearly anything else. Isn’t that great!

I don’t claim to be an expert on business nor relationships. But neither I claim that I am not. Well, here it’s better to face a few facts. I hold a master’s degree of business administration. I specialized in the business partnerships, which eventually lead to the birth of this blog.

My real name is not Andrew. It’s Antti. It’s a man’s name and comes with two letters of T. I come from cold northern and Nordic state of Finland. Finns tend to joke about their virtue of silence. In an international job and living with an antagonist of silence I can tell the virtue quickly turns to a vice.

I apologize for not telling my real name. Everybody gets it wrongly, so I decided to use the nickname I had in English daycare which I attended as child.

We live and work in another Nordic state with my spouse. Together we like to travel, cycle on the countryside and relax. During the last part she usually asks “What are you all the time writing about?” Then I say sorry and slam down the laptop screen.

I’m not always good at saying sorry

If you have gone already through some of the posts, you might have noticed that I’m not a native speaker of English. My work language is English, I write the blog in English and then if there’s any words left in my daily quota I talk English with my spouse.

We are a couple holding two different passports and often two different cultural burdens. We are from a same continent though. Despite the fact of facing English on all fronts it does not make grammar nor spelling my core competence. I’m sorry about mispellings, you are welcome to give feedback!

My better half would probably say that I’m not very good at practicing what I preach. My father always taught me to do what he says not what he’s doing. I blog about what one should do, but I don’t always manage to follow the written words I have placed after each other. When asking yourself if you are doing the right thing, it requires tremendous effort to keep yourself aware of your mental limits .

I’m a great procrastinator. The first time I had the idea of the whole concept of the blog was in 2007. At that time I  could have barely said that I’m in business life nor in a relationship. So actually the idea behind the blog rested seven (7) years to mature from a teenager to an adult.

My interest in studying and observing relationships and business has not been in continuous  climb. As relationships do, so fluctuated my interest in reading business outside business hours and wiritng about relationships after e-mailing all day.

Beside saying sorry most important is to maintain optimistic. Circumstances are always proportional. Living abroad has recently taught me that having a work and a relationship is a lucky state of life.