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Around the internet: Ready for resolutions?

Startups Anonymous: Founders suck at relationships

Anonymous entrepreneur confesses how he places customer requests ahead of the requests made by his spouse. His wife is obviously not that happy about it and she thinks that it’s about respect. Understandably true and fair thinking. From the perspective of start-ups it’s important to realize how crucial it is to provide good and prompt service and make your customer a hero.

However, to succeed with your start-up it is crucial to maintain balance at home too. Work-life balance is a supportive foundation for every businessman and entrepreneur.

4 ways new years resolutions are just like relationships

Amanda Jaros writes in Thought catalog about analogy between the promises we make on a one particular day and the relationships we live in.  Personally I believe the common factor, to succeed in both, is careful consideration and full commitment.

As Amanda says, in both it’s totally alright and advisable to first get a feeling about it before fully jumping in.

That’s how is it about our decisions in business. Careful consideration and commitment. Here I can find a major exception though. Sometimes in business it’s necessary to do a fast choice and correct the course later after experimenting and learning.

Passion is overrated and goals are for losers

Check out the fun presentation by Scott Adams the author of Dilbert. He questions significance of the passion in entrepreneurship and success. Everybody, including me, highlight meaning of passion in creation of your own business. What if better question is to ask: What do people need? What kind of problems could I solve, how could I make the lives of others easier?

Adams states that rather than looking for a passion or ambitious goals one should set up a system that delivers results. Achievements will then bring that well-known passion.

Also, speaking about presentations, I put together a short summary of how relationship resemble start-ups. I have noticed that also in relationships success delivers passion.

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Around the internet: Military meets business

Coaching my wife

Dan Rockwell lured me to read a post about him coaching his wife. All what was about his wife was to point out that if he can coach his wife everybody can coach their employees.

I might dare to think that coaching your employees to right solutions and choices could be harder than with your spouse. As a manager or a leader, in our culture, it’s often expected that one has the right answers to the challenges and questions of employees. Often, in a hurry,

What your job really says about your love life

Amanda Chatel brought up a study that presents what kind of relationships people in different occupations are looking for. The data is pulled out from a Clover dating app. Check out if there’s a title that is close to what you do. Unfortunately the was no “business man” neither “sales rep”.

I’m sure your occupation will affect your personal life, especially if you haven’t found your significant other before beginning your career. This is simply because your work determines to certain extent what kind of people you have around you.

Take command – military meets business and organizations represents a summary of  a book by Jake Wood. As a former marine he brings out the lessons from the high performing teams and interpreting them to business life. Interesting read as competitive landscape of today might often have characteristics of modern warfare.

Personally military service taught me taking responsibility, self-confidence and learning my own limits. I learned that one can fall asleep while walking. But, I also concluded that the military organization functions the way it does for a reason. The way of leading and building the command chain can not be taken to business environment without extensive adaptation.

I like Wood’s building blocks of trust: training, transparency and tribulations. I can see these fitting very well for example for a sales team or organization. Training ensures everyone is capable for the job at hands, transparency provides both what to work for and why and tribulations build bonds between team members for them to work efficiently together.

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