No framework for relationships?

“I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.” – Jay-Z

World is full of business theories and concepts that explain how businesses compete, succeed and evolve. Students of business spend years of their youth to study Porter, Kottler and Mintzberg to understand business and its management. Academics and practitioners have developed their models to structure the complex reality of business and economics.

There are fewer theories that explain why private relationships work as they do. Too rarely we reflect how and why our private relationships work as they do. Inevitably both business and private relationships face their own challenges. What can we use as a framework for problem solving and development in relationships?

From caveman theory to…

Wait a moment, I hear you saying. For sure there are indefinite amount of literature that explain reasons behind the behavior of men and women in relationships. The existing literature is usually building on the differences of female and male genome that evolved during thousands of years of human history. Often they are known as caveman theories.

They explain, for instance, why men are generally less talkative than women? Why men are able to concentrate on one thing at a time or why senses of women are sharper? I’m sure you have noticed that females enjoy caressing slightly more than males do.

…Interdisciplinary approach

In the end, how genetical differences give us a full answer how relationships really operate as they do? At least I didn’t find an understanding. Luckily, I drifted into a solution through my interest in business. The better I understand business the more I can understand what actually happens in my relationship.

This blog unites business and relationships. Business is cold and relationhips are warm. Theories, examples and conclusions of this blog might awake controversial feelings.  The words are highly influenced by the fingers of a man and the straightforward brains moving those glumpsy fingers on the keyboard.

This blog is primarily written for men by a man. For that I must express my sincere apologies to the dearest female readers. Without a particular woman this blog could have never been established. Therefore I sincerely hope that also female readers decide to proceed with the blog. In most instances it’s applicable to replace words  “she”, “her” or “hers” with words “he” or “his”.

What is it in for me? Better work-life balance

As this blog is as much about business as it is about relationships I allow myself to include a brief advertisement in the beginning. Send out a link to your partner for fun or perhaps as a gentle tip. Relationship MBA started as a humorous idea and thus, hopefully, makes a smile appear time to time. The blog will work as a guide book for self-development for it’s author and all like minded people out there.

Relationship MBA is not just for businessmen. Future pieces of writing can work as a business crash course to an engineer, lawyer, doctor or another professional. Nowadays understanding of business and financials is never undervalued. The drive of economics is ever increasing in all fields of society. That fact creates work pressure in every sector from engineering to health care. It’s another reason to rehearse how businesses and relationships operate.


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