The purpose of the blog

Avoiding daily rush

Running around always rushed always late.

Three lofty goals

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” -Benjamin Franklin

Relationship MBA pursues to bring together business and relationships in a way that creates true value innovation. If you came to find ideas how to improve your relationship, you will have at the same time an opportunity to meet up with the most recent and classic business matters too. We talk about efficiency improvement here!

The goal of this blog has several idealistic and practical grounds. First, the idea originated from my own need. Without a real framework to comprehend happenings a relationship,  I simply wanted to better understand the dynamics of the union of two people.

Second, shortly after I had stabilized my relationship and taken the first steps in my career, I found several shortcomings in my business knowledge. Obvious way to fill those holes was to find out the smartest authors and their top titles. In my personal development I concentrated on business literature. When you are hands on in work-life it’s easy to push behind the wisdom you have collected during your studies.

Natural human behaviour is to adopt the customs of the industry where your company operates and the culture and ways of doing business of the company you work for. Theories which are tools to analyze and simplify complexity of real life tend to fade to the backstage. Without refreshing your business knowledge your thinking might regress to a level where your business practices have a lack of healthy criticism.

Third, this blog is aimed at helping the busy businessmen and women to find the balance between work and relationship. In today’s hectic and stressful pace of work-life we tend to neglect the most valuable part in our lives. Family. By rehearsing the fundamentals of business theories one can make more sophisticated decisions and lead people with confidence. That will eventually release time for your life outside business.

By understanding dynamics of relationships, both business and private, one can avoid common pitfalls, maneuver efficiently in different kind of situations and enjoy private and work life as the relationships prosper.

Tackling everyday challenges

“Look at us running around always rushed always late, that’s what they call human race.” -Hollywood movie “The Switch” (2010)

Today couples and families where both grown-ups are pursuing challenging careers are more and more common. This phenomenon creates pressure on division of time of the families. Without a doubt common reason for argument is the question of how free-time, household work and childcare is divided in the family.

How the couple supports each other in the stressful challenges of two careers is fundamental for the well-being of the relationship. Work and life balance is one of the most tedious questions of modern career builders. This blog is aimed at helping busy families, to maneuver in the hurry of everyday life.

Catering humour and respect

Happy relationships require always a piece of laughter. So does a good blog. I was planning to write this blog in a humorous manner. Then – rather quickly – I understood the complexity of such task. With your mates it’s rather easy to chat and joke about business and women.

The serious discussions with your partner  about the state and future of your relationship often contain limited amount of humour. Every attempt to joke could be held against you. Making fun might be seen as an undesirable attitude considering the seriousness of the topic. The importance of relationships does not allow humour in all instances. Taking the challenge into account I hopefully manage to maintain enjoyable level of humour.

In this blog I refer to many authors and their groundbreaking work. My intention is not to undervalue their input for every business and businessman. Vice versa. Journals and literature that are referred to in this blog are masterpieces of business literature and academic research. I have read them all to educate and develop myself to be better in my job.

The complexity and extent of the topic, applying your MBA at home, is vast. The limited processing power of my brain makes it difficult to teach you to gain a level of professorship in all of the concepts presented later. After introducing yourself to the most influential authors and their ideas here the reader can dig a little bit deeper on his own to the topics that are personally most relevant.

Most of the great authors and books quoted in this blog are borrowing and combining theories and studies of many different areas of science. It’s nothing exceptional. To be quoted, referred and shared is the main driving force of science. Game theory is a very good example of a theory that is used in several fields of science, biology, economics and psychology.

As an example Amy Sutherland made a book about her experiences of training animals and how those skills can be used in marriage (What Shamu taught me about life, love and marriage, 2008). In this blog reader is going to meet a true hybrid theory too. I think that makes the most fun about it.


  • Great learnings usually come from the places and sources you least  expect.
  • Pursue to have a good laughter and don’t quit having fun.
  • Give respect to the people influencing your life and work. After intensive usage t at work, don’t forget it at home.


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